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Acclaimed Leadership Development for Tomorrow's Leaders













The Future50 leadership program is a developmental & leadership program for dedicated athletes from ages 8 thru 18 who have a strong desire to improve. This is a two hour program beginning with the Acclaimed Leadership Program (45 minute leadership session) and then finishes with 60 minutes of athletic development.

The program is designed to coincide with a player's participation within their existing extra curricular activities and to further prepare them for future high school and college athletic play.

Leadership  Sessions

The Future50 Program is leadership and athletic development with an emphasis on character development; bringing leadership advancement into the athletic arena. The leadership program will focus on 12 valued, leadership skills which will be demonstrated, taught and enjoyed. Participants can expect to grow in the areas of communication, responsibility, community outreach, team bonding strategies, preparation, standout behavior, integrity growth and goal setting.

Athletic Development

The athletic development portion of Future50 will improve the participants speed, agility, reactions and over all co-ordination.  Programs specifc to soccer will get the benefit of the program's original concept/focus, which is to improve technical ability. Outlined below are the specific technical areas the program will train each player in: Moves to beat players 1v1; Moves to escape pressure; Turning with the ball; Changing speeds with the ball; Shielding the ball; Footwork and Finishing.

In addition to each participant improving in all of these areas, they will have the unique opportunity to work with a highly trained Coaching Staff, creating relationships with positive role models. They will also get the opportunity to play along side other participants with the same goals of becoming a valued leader and competitive athlete.

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